Office Spaces For Starting A Business

The state of Lebanon is a Republic in the west of Asia on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is attached to Syria to the north and boundaries Israel to the south. Lebanon had a very steady economic growth previously till the year 2006 which was terribly damaged in the war between Hezbollah and Israel, mainly the tourism industry which is a main factor of its economy. However after that the economy is once again on the rice and progressing and since the ruling partying Lebanon is committed to improve the economy, it took monetary support from the financial institutions of the world and as a result in 2009 Lebanon received the most number of tourists ever toured this place in its history, and the GDP growth was also pleasing, which actually helped enhancing the economy and increased foreign investments in real estate, tourism, IT, agriculture and other fields in the country. Starting a business in Lebanon was intended by many organizations in the region as it is considered among the most visited destinations of the world. Also starting a business in Lebanon has very simple requirements and due to a very appreciative mind-set by the government and gainful returns on the investments many multinationals and business institutions have a preference of having an office in Lebanon.

There are several office space providers in Lebanon, that offer fully equipped, beautifully furnished, spacious offices in Lebanon that are standing by to be acquired at any time and as the economy of the country is growing not only the existing business community but a lot of new local and foreign investors looking to start a new business plan to grow with the growing economy of Lebanon. Also the government is very keen to encourage new investments to further enhance business activity, and economic prosperity in the country. This evolving business atmosphere was sighted by the many office space providers in Lebanon, who have been doing an excellent job by providing some out class office spaces in some of the most commercial areas in Beirut and the ret of Lebanon, due to which multi nationals and foreign investors feel a lot of ease in starting a business here in Lebanon.

Another reason for business community to choose offices location in Lebanon is the growing tourism industry as a greater volume of tourists means a larger consumer base and good infrastructure and facilities with very reasonable office rental Lebanon. These office spaces are fully furnished, equipped with all the necessary requirements, appliances, and support staff and can easily be acquired with very little paper work for your required time duration. All one has to do is to search the internet for offices in Lebanon and can easily find listings to available office spaces in the country. Office rental Lebanon can also be confirmed and checked over these web portals along with most suitable location for your office which makes it even easier for business professionals to choose the best location for their business. This is why Lebanon these days is considered to be the among the best places to start a new business as not only you get an approving and welcoming attitude by the authorities but also some excellent economic conditions to start your business.

How Angel Investing Is Different Than Venture Capital

Financing a new business is never easy in today”s credit crunch times. The lending market is getting tight especially for the new and upcoming entrepreneurs, as no one is willing to take the risk of lending money for starting a business. However, it does not mean your new business venture cannot qualify for any financial support. Still there are several opportunities available for funding a new business. Less is known about angel investing as compared to venture capital, due to the privacy of their investments. However, these are the key points to consider in order to make the right choice.
Investment size

The range of venture capital funding is larger than the one of angel investors. Angels act alone or in organized groups and invest their own money. Venture capital firms are corporate entities that pool money from a range of investors to make larger investments.
Ease of obtaining financing

New businesses can get support from the new age venture capital angel investors. It is less time consuming to get funds from an angel investor, as receiving venture capital funds is a highly rigorous process. Therefore, your business should meet all the investment criteria before being considered by a venture capital firm.
Stage focus

The Angel investors mostly back startup and early-stage businesses whereas venture capital firms specialize in different stages of the development of your business.
Industry focus

Angel investors vary in investment areas and may allocate funds to a range of fields, frequently within their areas of expertise. Venture capital firms generally concentrate on emerging sectors with exceptional prospects for growth such as technology or innovation.
Expected returns

Both angels and venture capitalists generally expect high rates of return while financing a new business. The angel investors are associated with your business for a longer term and are much less demanding than venture capitalists.
Expected control

Both invest in return for an ownership stake in your company and for a certain degree of involvement, but venture capital firms will exercise even more control over your company.

Angel investors are genuinely motivated by the desire to see innovative ideas get off the ground and become successful businesses, whereas venture capitalists are more motivated with the profit.
Various Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors & Private Equity Funds Directory will make an excellent choice in order to increase your chances for obtaining higher levels of success in financing a new business in the minimum possible time.

Why People Like Starting A Business On The Internet

People who like to buy an internet business do so because of the many likeable things about such a venture. In fact, starting a business on the internet might be the key to a better life for you. Because of this, it comes as no surprise as to why statistics show that more and more people are choosing the internet as a good source of income. And in troubled times such as these, we definitely could use all the help we could get � which is right there in front of us: the web.

People who like to buy an internet business like it because they can create businesses out of their own interests and skills. Starting a business on the internet does not require a degree in business management or economics. Anyone who just wants to sell and is good in marketing himself or herself can run an online business. Even musicians come up with their own stuff and sell it. In this example, you no longer need to be there in person in order to make the kind of income that you want because you can do it at home using your own tools and know how about things.

People who want to buy an internet business find out that you can already purchase businesses that are already existing. This simply means that starting a business on the internet is easier because a good portion of the groundwork is ready and prepared for you. Simply make the purchase for the entire business and you will have the works: the website, the domain name, the graphics, the email address and you could also have the blog up and running already. This saves you time and can get you concentrating on how to make money out of all of this right away.

If you want to buy an internet business, know that you get a lot of support online. True, starting a business on the internet means you are up for some heavy competition with likeminded business entrepreneurs wanting to put one up over you. But the great thing about the global digital village is that people are more likely to support one another because doing so actually brings in more money for all of you. When you are starting a business on the internet you should be aware that there friends and communities out there who are more than willing to extend a helping hand.

Because of all these and more, people from all over the world are beginning to see that the internet is a great way to cultivate their business. When you buy an internet business, you buy into a community that will care for you. Starting a business on the internet is also easier to do than starting up an actual physical office from scratch. No wonder people like this � not only is it easy to do, you also get to make new friends and develop a sense of satisfaction in yourself. It definitely is a win-win situation.

Start Your Own Business Using Money In Your Ira

Starting a business requires capital. Money you use for inventory, fixtures, equipment and the other stuff required to operate a firm.

You can find this money in all sorts of places, but one of the places you can sometimes look is inside your individual retirement accounts, or IRAs. Unfortunately, you do need to tap an IRA with care in order to minimize any tax consequences. But here are a handful of techniques about how you can do just that:

Tip #1 for Using IRA Money to Start a Business: Net the Withdrawal with a Deduction

Here’s a first tip for using IRA money to start a business. If your new business will in the beginning lose money, you can largely offset the taxes owed on the IRA withdrawal by netting your withdrawal with the business deductions you get from spending the money.

For example, if you withdraw $10,000 from an individual retirement account and then use this $10,000 for deductible business expenditures, you should not owe any income taxes after you net the withdrawal with the deduction.

Note: If you haven’t yet reached age 59 and a half, you will still owe a 10% withdrawal penalty unless you qualify for one of the penalty exceptions such as for disability, qualified medical expenses, and so forth.

Tip #2 for Using IRA Money for Starting a Business: Borrow and Repay the IRA

Another way to use IRA money–and penalty free–is by borrowing your IRA money for just sixty days. For example, if you borrow $10,000 from your IRA on day 1 and then replace the $10,000 IRA on day 60 (by depositing the funds into another IRA account), you won’t owe income taxes or penalties on the withdrawal.

Two quick cautions about this technique, however: First, you must meet the 60-day deadline. The IRS is very unforgiving in this area.

A second caution: If you withdraw $10,000 from your IRA, you typically won’t get the full $10,000 because some of the withdrawal will be held as a tax deposit. For example, you might get $8,000 and the remaining $2,000 may be withheld for income taxes. However, you will need to re-contribute the full $10,000 withdrawal amount.

Using an IRA for 60-day, interest-free loans means, then, that you need to have enough extra cash to make up for any withholding the IRA custodian takes out of your withdrawal. You will eventually get any amount “held back” for taxes when you file your federal or state income tax return.

Tip #3 for Using IRA Money to Start a Business: Do Tip #2 Several Times in a Row

The IRS was recently asked whether, in effect, someone could do a series of 60-day interest-free loans with their IRAs. The IRS said “yes” if the rules were precisely followed.

What’s neat about a series of 60-day withdrawals is that in combination the withdrawals allow the taxpayer to stretch out the repayment period.

For example, if a taxpayer takes a $120,000 individual retirement account and splits up the account into twelve smaller $10,000 IRAs, the taxpayer can borrow $10,000 from her collective IRA accounts for almost twelve months without much fiddle-faddling.

Here’s how. On day 1, the taxpayer draws $10,000 from IRA #1. On day 60, he draws $10,000 from IRA #2 but uses those funds to re-deposit $10,000 into IRA #1. Note that technically the $10,000 taken out of IRA #1 has been replaced within 60 days.

On day 120, he $10,000 from IRA #3 but uses those funds to re-deposit $10,000 into IRA #2. And so the “borrowing” continues.

If you want to consider this, please confer with a local tax practitioner to make sure you get the mechanics just right. As noted, the IRS will allow you to play this game. But the rules need to be followed religiously.

Tip #4 for Using IRA Money to Start a Business: Self-directed IRA Investments

A quick point: In some circumstances you can use the money inside an IRA to invest in non-traditional, self-directed investments. For example, you can invest in real estate through your individual retirement account.

If you want to invest in real estate through your IRA, find an IRA custodian, or trustee, who allows for direct real estate investment. You can do this by Googling or Yahooing on a phrase like “real estate investment inside an IRA.”

Caution: If you invest in real estate through an individual retirement account and you use both IRA money and mortgages to buy the real estate, your IRA needs to file a tax return. Furthermore, at some point in the future, the IRA will actually owe income taxes on its real estate investment profits because of something called the unrelated business income tax. Confer with your tax advisor if you have questions about this.

Tip #5 for Using IRA Money for Starting a Business: Just Do It

You obviously want to be careful about mucking up your retirement years by risking IRA money in an entrepreneurial venture. But that caution made, if a small business opportunity is good enough, a withdrawal may still make sense in spite of the penalty and taxes.

For example, suppose you withdraw $150,000 from an IRA where the money earns annual earns 10%, or $15,000.

If you pay a $15,000 early withdrawal penalty on the money and then pay another $45,000 in income taxes, you have only $90,000 left over to invest in a business. But if that $90,000 generates, say, 40% a year in profits, or $36,000 annually, you may come out way ahead even if you do pay the penalties and taxes.